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Kruonis Pumped storage hydroelectric plant is the only hydro power plant of such type in Baltic states. After commissioning of the fourth unit in 1998, installed capacity of the plant has reached 900MW. During periods of low demand, usually at night, Kruonis PSHP is operated in pump mode, and, using cheap surplus energy, raises water from lower reservoir to upper one. With fully filled upper reservoir the plant can generate 900 MW for about 12 hours. Automatically started, the plant can reach full capacity in less than 2 min. Rapid response to demand is very important in case of emergency in the power system, such as shutdown of Ignalina nuclear power plant.

Another important feature of the plant is frequency and voltage regulation capability. Operated in synchronous condenser mode with depressed water from draft tube each unit of the plant can change output of reactive power from –120 MVAr to +180 MVAr.

Two frequency converters, 16 MW capacity each, are used for smooth starting in pump mode.

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Pump - turbine

Type - Francis, reversible
Diameter of runner - 6,3 m
Max. capacity in a turbine mode - 225 MW
Capacity in a pump mode - 225 MW
Speed of rotation - 150 rpm
Discharge in a turbine mode - 226 m3/s
Discharge in a pump mode - 189 m3/s
Rated head - 103,5 m
Manufacturing plant - Sanct-Peterburg LMZ

Motor - generator

Type - synchronous, vertical
Capacity - 248 MVA
Voltage - 15,75 kV
Weight - 1120 t
Manufacturer - Kharkov ETM

Upper reservoir

Water surface area - 3,03 km2
Length of a dam - 6,3 km
Max. water level - 153,5 m.alt
Min. water level - 140,0 m.alt
Total storage - 48 mill.m3
Life storage - 41 mill.m3

Intake structure

Length - 127 m
Width - 70 m
Height - 50 m


Reinforced concrete with inner steel casing
Inner diameter - 7,5 m
Outer diameter - 8,4 m
Foundation - reinforced concrete piles ( D =1m, L = 16 m)

Outlet Channel

Length - 650 m
Width - 189 m
Width of water surface - 250 m
Depth - 10 m

Power house

Length - 240 m
Width - 70 m
Height - 50 m

Intake structure section

 Production of electrical energy

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